Nairoby is an R+D company with love for sports. We've engineered a new material and a new process to create Snowboards that you can personalize over shape, size, tips, camber and your own image, and if you want to change something in the future, we will recycle the board into a new one, so you don’t have to pay full price over and over again.


Nairoby engineered a thermoplastic composite, using specific micro and nanoparticles that increase the characteristics of the material and a process to create unibody snowboards with superior flex, durability and experience.


The innovative electronic molding controls and a proprietary production process allows us to customize each unibody snowboard, controlling the shape, size, tips, camber and the transferred image.


The new material and the unibody construction makes your equipment recyclable, so when you want to change or upgrade your snowboard, we will take it and reprocess the material to repurpose it for new equipment.

Nairoby is and R&D company that engineered new nano-compound materials to create beautifully crafted, personalized winter-sports equipment, that can be repurposed into raw material to re-create the equipment each time you want to change or upgrade your experience.

We stand over three defining values:


as a tool to take us to what we desire.


each experience is unique to each of us, so we work to make things personal.


as the most efficient way to push the world forward.

We work together with the Institute for Materials Technology (one of the biggest and most advance in nanotechnology of America), the National University of Mar del Plata, Argentina, and the Argentine Nanotechnlogy Foundation, witch at the same time is our seed capital investor.
We have participated of the Vertical Accelerator program in Finland, where we have been shaping and increasing the value Nairoby have to offer. And while we were in Finland we participated on SLUSH, the biggest event for technology startups and investment in Europe.
We are also very proud of being awarded with IB50K, National Bank and Empretec on Business Plan and Entrepreneurship competitions.

We are sports fans.

We came from different profesional backgrounds and always meet at a single point: sports. We practice snowboard, ski, sandboard, skate, inline skate, surf, windsurf, rock climbing, kendo, kite surf, football, wake board, rollerskating… We love sports and recreation, going out and enjoy adrenaline. We gather our individual work experiences on materials engineering, nanotechnology, graphic design, marketing, business development, electronics, processes and finance, and we realize that in top of all the differences, we were all driven by the idea to create a better way to experience sports. So we did it.


Materials Engineering, Nanotechnology, Sandboard, Snowboard, Kendo.


Economics degree, Administration and finance, Surf, Skate, Photography.


Electronic Engineering, Process integrity, Snowboard, Ski, Sandboard, Musician.


Marketing, Business Development, Snowboard, Ski, Rock Climbing.

Do you have a rental store or a resort and you spend a lot of money renewing equipment every year? Are you spending time and money on the disposal of the old, obsolete or broken equipment? We can help you reduce dramatically your yearly renovation costs, promote your brand and at the same time stop the generation of non-reciclable waste. Contact us, we have an interest proposal for you.

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